Digital Radiography Inspection System – Basic Model



This model is meant for digital radiography of components that do not need manipulation in multiple axes.


  1. Automobile components that need to be inspected from only a single direction.
  2. Sample Inspection of production run components
  3. Fine-tuning of machine setting based on sample inspection
  4. Research Laboratories for radiography based studies of fruits & vegetables, food processing, welding analysis, etc.
  5. NDT Training Institutes


X-ray Generator                                                      

Rated Capacity                                   160kV & 5mA maximum

Controls                                              Touch screen based for kV & mA setting

Tube head                                         Hermetically sealed with oil cooling


Image Generating System                                  

Image Resolution                              Choice from 1.3 megapixels and 5 megapixels

Image Size                                          180mm x 150mm

Image Capture                                     Synchronized with x-ray switching

Image Storage                                     Automatic in defined folder in computer

Image Capture Settings                       Provided in software interface


X-Ray Shielding System

X-ray Shielding                                    3mm lead sandwich

Operator Viewing Area                      Provided with lead glass for safe viewing

Operational Safety Features               Exposure Interlock with loading door,


Structural Features

Height of the loading table                   750mm

Overall height of the system               2000mm approx

Floor space required                           750mm x 1000mm


General Specifications                                         

Power Supply                                      230V AC Single Phase 50Hz

Power Consumption                             2.5 kVA maximum

Humidity                                                10 to 90% RH

Temperature                                         15°C  to 55 °C