Digital Radiography Inspection System

Production Line Machine with 5 Degrees of Freedom Movement

 DRIS 5 Axes


This model is a production line machine with advanced features. The components can be moved in 5 degrees of freedom namely X, Y, Z axes; tilting and rotation.


  1. Any component that needs to be inspected from different angles.
  2. 100% inspection of manufactured components.
  3. Inspection of Aluminium Components, Electrical assemblies, etc.
  4. Advanced Radiography Inspection of manufactured components


X-ray Generator                                                      

Rated Capacity                                160kV to 250kV & 5mA maximum

Controls                                             Touch screen based for kV & mA setting

Tube head                                         Hermetically sealed with oil cooling

Cooling of Tube head                   Circulated oil cooling for continuous operation


Image Generating System                                  

Image Resolution                              Choice from 1.3 megapixels and 5 megapixels

Image Size                                            200mm diameter

Image Capture                                    Video viewing of component as it is moved in different directions.

Image capture and storage by operator

Image Storage                                     Automatic in defined folder in computer

Image Settings                                    Provided in software interface


Image Post Processing System

Measurement                                      Length & Angle Measurement

Image Enhancement                         Brightness, Contrast, Inverting, Filters, Pseudo-coloring, Zoom

Marking                                                  Annotation, Defect marking in different shapes

Sharing Features                                Crop, Cut, Fill (Multiple Options)

Advanced Features                            Histogram, Profile Plot, Calibration, Macros


X-Ray Shielding System

X-ray Shielding                                    3mm lead sandwich

Operator Viewing Area                     Provided with lead glass for safe viewing

Operational Safety Features          Exposure Interlock with loading door,


Structural Features

Maximum Component Weight         15 kg (Customization can be done for higher loads)

Height of the loading table                 750mm

Movement of the table                        400mm in X & Y axes (Customization possible)

Overall height of the system             2000mm approx

Floor space required                           2000mm x 2000mm approx


General Specifications                                         

Power Supply                                       230V AC Single Phase 50Hz or 3 Phase AC 50Hz

Power Consumption                          3.5 kVA maximum

Humidity                                                10 to 90% RH

Temperature                                         15°C  to 55 °C