Digital Radiography Inspection System

Production Line Machine with 2 Axes Movement

 DRIS 2 Axes


This model is a production line machine with basic features. The components can be moved only in 2 axes.


  1. Automobile components that need to be inspected from only a single direction.
  2. 100% inspection of easy to load components.
  3. Inspection of electrical components like fuses, solenoids, electrical & electronic assemblies


X-ray Generator                                                      

Rated Capacity                                   160kV & 5mA maximum

Controls                                              Touch screen based for kV & mA setting

Tube head                                         Hermetically sealed with oil cooling

Optional                                             Circulated oil cooling for continuous operation


Image Generating System                                  

Image Resolution                              Choice from 1.3 megapixels and 5 megapixels

Image Size                                          180mm x 150mm

Image Capture                                     Synchronized with x-ray switching

Image Storage                                     Automatic in defined folder in computer

Image Capture Settings                       Provided in software interface


X-Ray Shielding System

X-ray Shielding                                    3mm lead sandwich

Operator Viewing Area                      Provided with lead glass for safe viewing

Operational Safety Features               Exposure Interlock with loading door,


Structural Features

Maximum Component Weight              3 kg (Customization can be done for higher loads)

Height of the loading table                   750mm

Movement of the table                         400mm in X & Y axes (Customization possible)

Overall height of the system               2000mm approx

Floor space required                           1500mm x 1500mm approx


General Specifications                                         

Power Supply                                      230V AC Single Phase 50Hz

Power Consumption                             2.5 kVA maximum

Humidity                                                10 to 90% RH

Temperature                                         15°C  to 55 °C