A typical digital X-Ray system will have 5 components to it. We have a vast range of customizable solutions for all the five of these components.

The Xray Sources
Digital X-Ray Sensors
Image Post-Processing
Automation Solutions
Safety Systems

The X-Ray Sources

We have solutions to suit different components / products to be tested. The main criteria here being the penetration required for the object to be tested. The second criterion is whether the source needs to work continuously or intermittently.

Currently we have sources that can suit upto a penetration equivalent of 45mm of steel.

Our sources can be customized for continuous operation of the X-Ray system, such as in conveyor based inspection systems for packaged food. We have advanced self contained localized cooling systems which make this possible. Being self contained cooling, air conditioning is not necessary for the equipment.
Our sources are digitally controlled and very versatile in offering different ranges of outputs.

Digital X-Ray Sensors

Our sensors are manufactured with support from funding by Department of Science & Technology & Technology Development Board. Our research team was incubated at TREC-STEP in National Institute of Technology, Trichy.

We have the capability to customize the sensor to suit different application and object size. Currently our sensors can vary to suit for inspection of objects upto 300mm x 300mm.

Our sensors can be customized for X-Ray video viewing and image capturing. Our sensors can have resolutions starting from 0.3 mega pixels going upto 5 mega pixels per image.

Image Post-Processing

For internal quality evaluation purpose and for fine tuning the production machine set up, companies in aluminium pressure die casting industry may want the defects in their components to be seen in an enhanced mode. We have specialized solutions for this requirement.

For general image enhancement, we have advance pseudo-coloring options. These options can be customized to suit the requirements of the specific object / product to be inspected.
Apart from these generalized solutions, we also have customized solutions for different types of food processing industries. In this category, we currently have solutions for:

Mango Sorting – to detect presence of seed weevil and soft tissues. We offer this solution for individual mangoes and for boxes ones.
Rava & other packaged food items – to detect any foreign particles such a nails, pins, plastics, glass, carbon, etc.

The core theme of our image post-processing is operator de-skilling. This enables operators without previous experience with X-Rays or with only school education to efficiently and effectively manage the digital X-Ray system.

Automation Solutions

Recognizing that different products and even different companies manufacturing the same product will need different solutions based on their operational needs, we offer wide automation options for our customers.

These machine customizations can start from manual loading & unloading going all the way upto automatic conveyor ejection systems. We will offer controls and control panels to suit the requirement of the automation.

Safety Systems

All our systems are provided with radiation shielding for operator safety. Interlocking the X-Ray source with the loading doors ensures that any inadvertent lapses are prevented.

We also monitor our installed machines on a regular basis for any lapses in operating procedures and leakage radiation escaping the X-Ray enclosures.